WVR-500 Chain Link Weaver

Bergandi Machinery Chain Link Weaver - WVR500

Bergandi Machinery’s WVR-500 offers a unique, state-of-the-art design and technology, providing maximum production and minimum downtime. The digital operator control system allows…

NEW WVR-A6 Chain Link Weaving Machine

Bergandi Machinery’s WVR-A6 chain link weaving machine incorporates a unique redesigned mechanical platform coupled with updated state-of-the-art electrical technology. The new machine offers…

Single/Double Wire Security Mesh Weaver

Bergandi Machinery Single/Double Wire Chain Link Weaver

Bergandi Machinery’s Single/Double Wire Security Mesh Weaver is a dual purpose machine designed to weave single strand security mesh (3/8” to 5/8” diamond size) utilizing up to 6-gauge…..

Flat Top/Welded Weaver

Bergandi Machinery Flat Top/Welded Weaver

Bergandi Machinery’s Flat Top/Welded Weaver is a patented technology for producing a welded mesh selvage that provides increased strength and durability for high-use commercial applications…..

SWVR-99 Slat Weaver

Bergandi Machinery SWVR-99 Slat Weaver Machine

SWVR-99 Slat Weaver automated machine that produces chain link fabric while inserting plastic slats. The machine is able to…..

Standard Take Up

Bergandi Machinery Standard Take Up - Chain Link

Bergandi Machinery’s Standard Take-Up provides a low maintenance platform that can be easily installed with any weaving machine allowing standard rolls up to …..

Compactor Take Up

Bergandi Machinery Compactor Take Up - Chain Link

Bergandi Machinery’s Compactor Take-Up can compact standard rolls up to 40%, providing additional storage capacity. The unit can be installed with any weaving machine allowing…..