Over 96 years ago, Frank Bergandi, a young Italian immigrant, fashioned and created a worm and blade device from steel remnants that were based on a design from a similar tool that he had developed while working in his brother’s bicycle shop.

Frank went on to develop and build America’s first automated chain link weaver and founded Bergandi Machinery.

Herb Rohrbacher, a master machinist, joined Bergandi Machinery in the mid-1950’s and quickly made a positive impact on the company by increasing weaver productivity and expanding the company’s machinery product lines.  Herb Rohrbacher acquired full ownership of Bergandi Machinery in 1961.

Herb continued to expand the company by broadening its product base to include wire drawing, gate and mesh binders, galvanizers, and PVC extruders.  In 1970, Herb established the Bergandi Wire Division which produced basic wire, annealing and galvanizing, and PVC coated wire.   In 1994, Bergandi Machinery restructured and refocused its efforts to solely focus on the design, marketing, and manufacturing of wire processing machinery.

In 2001, Scott Barsotti acquired the majority stock and assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company.  Scott initiated a complete review of the Company’s operations by emphasizing their goals and objectives to provide the best in customer service, while stressing product development innovation, technology, and performance enhancements.

Today, with management leadership, Bergandi Machinery has increased its presence as a world-class leader in machinery building.  Bergandi Machinery continues to strive in building economic, efficient and highly productive equipment by utilizing technology, Engineering and innovative design enhancements to promote a patented approach to equipment manufacturing.

Since its humble beginning, Bergandi Machinery has outgrown two locations and now occupies a 25,000 square foot, modern facility located in Ontario, California.  Bergandi Machinery continually invests in R&D and new manufacturing technologies to provide and fulfill our customers’ production needs.

With over 96 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machinery, Bergandi Machinery offers a wide range of wire forming, processing, and welding equipment. Bergandi Machinery’s primary customer base encompasses the fencing, construction, mining, and agricultural industries.

We also offer engineering, consulting, technical support, and training to improve your productivity and profitability. For more information on how Bergandi Machinery can assist you, please contact us:

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