Scott Barsotti, CEO Bergandi Machinery

Scott Barsotti

Chairman, CEO

In August 2001, Scott purchased Bergandi Machinery. Under Scott’s stewardship, Bergandi Machinery reestablished itself as a premier manufacturer in the wire industry. Today, Bergandi Machinery has increased its presence in the market as a world-class leader in machinery design and manufacturing, and has extended its business to over 60 countries in 6 continents.

Scott has developed close ties with both domestic and international companies who service and manufacture in the wire industry. Scott’s stated mission is that Bergandi Machinery continues to pursue technological improvements in its product line, in order to increase production limits and lower customers’ operating costs.

Greg Jendreas , President of Bergandi Machinery

Greg Jendreas


As President of Bergandi Machinery, Greg brings an executive, strategic, hands-on approach to a variety of business challenges by driving consistent growth and shareholder value. Prior to Bergandi Machinery, Greg was President and CEO of Master Halco, Inc.

Gary Costanzo, COO & CFO of Bergandi Machinery

Gary Costanzo

Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Gary oversees day-to-day manufacturing operations, as well as financial, accounting and insurance related matters. With over twenty years of experience in a production environment, his background also comprises fifteen years in the banking industry, including working overseas on international assignments.

Jose Garcia

Vice President Engineering

Jose is responsible for managing all Engineering functions, including product development, equipment design, R&D, technological applications, and manufacturing specifications. Jose has over 40 years of experience within the wire industry and holds four U.S. patents covering machine designs and operation.

William Rodriguez

Technical Sales Manager

William provides sales and technical support for the sales department and is a primary contact for customer inquiries. He has worked at Bergandi Machinery since 1990, has historical knowledge of different systems, and has a strong background in electrical engineering. William’s strengths are also found in both training and equipment installation.