Why Our Machines are the Best


When it comes to wire machinery, there is no better company than Bergandi Machinery.Fence manufacturers seek Bergandi for exceptional, productive, high-quality equipment and that is exactly what we strive to provide. Bergandi invests endless amounts of care, time and expertise into every machine built, so manufacturers can produce top-quality product for security, residence and commercial… Read more

How Barbed Wire is Made


Barbed wire, which is a steel wire fencing material with sharp projections, is widely used to protect high-security buildings, such as prisons and manufacturing facilities. The creation of barbed wire is a fascinating process and fencing manufacturers can create it easily with the use of a barbed wire machine from Bergandi. Below is a brief… Read more

How Often Should You Get Your Fencing Replaced?


If you have a chain link fence surrounding your home or property, you may notice that it’s becoming rusty and raggedy in appearance. If you’re considering replacing your chain link fence, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Local Zoning Laws It’s always important to take your local zoning laws into consideration… Read more

How to Increase the Security of your Building


As a building owner, your top priority should be the safety of the construction itself as well as all of the people, items, and data contained within it. When you’re looking to add additional security to your building, there are a variety of options you can invest in, such as security cameras, lighting, and fencing.… Read more

Bergandi’s Curtain of Steel Weaver


Bergandi Machinery introduces new chain link weaver that can weave 6 gauge wire in a 2″ diamond at high speeds. This new weaver fabricates what Bergandi calls the Curtain of Steel. Click here to contact us for more information  

Interwire Trade Expo 2015

Come visit Bergandi in Orlando Florida, Booth 622 at the Fencetech Show from February 4-6, 2015! Location: Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, Georgia, USA Dates: April 28-30, 2015 Booth: 701 Show Times: Wed: 5pm-9pm Thu: 10:30am-5pm Fri: 10am-4pm Contact Us With Questions at info@bergandi.com