Standard Take Up

Bergandi Machinery Standard Take Up - Chain Link

Bergandi Machinery’s Standard Take-Up provides a low maintenance platform that can be easily installed with any weaving machine allowing standard rolls up to …..

Wire Drawing Line

Bergandi Machinery Wire Drawing Machine

Bergandi Machinery’s Wire Drawing Line provides a unique modular design, with the capability to increase future draw capabilities and production outputs. The horizontal axis blocks utilize the best available technology for increased production rates and operator safety. Vertical & Horizontal systems available.

SWVR-99 Slat Weaver

Bergandi Machinery SWVR-99 Slat Weaver Machine

SWVR-99 Slat Weaver automated machine that produces chain link fabric while inserting plastic slats. The machine is able to…..

Galvanizing Line Take-Up Unit

Bergandi Machinery’s Payoff and Take-Up Units provide a low cost solution for the Galvanizing Line’s operation. The Payoffs have double capacity feeders that allow the changing of wires…..

NEW WVR-A6 Chain Link Weaving Machine

Bergandi Machinery’s WVR-A6 chain link weaving machine incorporates a unique redesigned mechanical platform coupled with updated state-of-the-art electrical technology. The new machine offers…