Eco-Panel Panel Assembly Welder

The ECO-Panel Building System from Bergandi Machinery consists of one Panel Assembly Welder and one-two Truss Forming Machine. The system can manufacture foam panels with variable combinations of thickness and wire gauges. The manufactured panels meet design requirements for structural, seismic, fire thermal and acoustical performance. This operator-friendly machine has easy-to-use controls and adjustments to maximize production efficiency. If you are interested in this device for your company, learn how you can buy it today by contacting Bergandi at (951) 361-8000.

  • Specifications

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    Eco-Panel Panel Assembly Welder Specifications/Features

    - Produces twenty four (24) 1.2 x 2.4 meteres (4' x 8') panels an hour
    - Panel thickness from 50 to 203mm (2" to 8")
    - Panel lengths from 1.8 to 4.2 meters (6' to 14')
    - Low cost solution for manufacturing building panels to meet any architectural design
    - Lower operating costs
    - Latest welding technology
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    Eco-Panel Panel Assembly Welder Benefits

    - Operator friendly control and adjustments maximize efficiency
    - Produces variable combinations of thickness and wire gauge
    - Meets design requirements for structural, seismic, Fire Thermal, acoustical, and hurricane performance
    - State of the art resistance welding controls, maximize efficiency, reduce electrical power consumption
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