Fused Bonded Induction PVC Extruder Machine

Bergandi Machinery’s premier Fuse Bonded PVC Extruder Machine is a multiple use system that can apply a high impact thermoplastic coating utilizing a wire induction heating system at 850 feet per minute. The extrusion line can also produce a standard PVC coating. The Fused Bonded PVC Extruder Line is the most efficient and economical platform on the Global Market.

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  • Specifications

    *See Technical Sheet in Documentation Section Below

    - Wire Stand
    - Wire Payoff
    - Wire Brush Module
    - Wire Straightener
    - Induction Unit
    - Induction Cooler
    - Water Tank (induction)
    - Chiller (induction)
    - Extruder
    - Vacuum Loader
    - Lasermike
    - Stainless Steel Multipass Cooling Trough
    - Water Tank (cooling trough)
    - Chiller (cooling Trough)
    - Turnaround
    - V Groove Take Up
    - Motorized Turntable
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  • Documentation
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