High-Speed Barbed Wire Machine (IOWA)

Bergandi Machinery’s High-Speed Barbed Wire Machine provides an exceptional design to its continuous (IOWA) twist style system. This machine offers the best available technology and operator safety for barbed wire manufacturers. The machine has an effortless operation and quick set-up to significantly increase production rates while providing a full range of security barbed wire styles.

Bergandi Machinery offers only the best equipment for fencing manufacturers. If you’re interested in ordering this machine from our company, give us a call today at (951) 361-8000 for additional details.


  • Specifications

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    High Speed Barbed Wire (IOWA) Specifications/Features

    - Produces Barb pitches of: 76. A888, 100, 114 and 127 mm (3", 3-1/2", 4", 4-1/2" and 5")
    - Production speed is 33 meters / min (108 ft/min) or equivalent to about 4.5 rolls of 402 meters (1320 ft) per hour
    - Wire specifications are: Steel, Galvanized, PVC coated, and Stainless Steel.
    Wire diameters range:
    1.5875-2.6797 mm (16-12 g) with a tensile range from 300-500 N / mm2 (43,500 - 72,500 psi)
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    High Speed Barbed Wire (IOWA) Benefits

    - Machine Safety interlock door switches to keep the line from engaging into its run operation with doors open.
    - Tangle switches to minimize down time caused by snarls on the wire feeds.
    - Wire feed breakage sensors to stop machine operation in the event of line wire breakage detection.
    - Powder coated for long lasting luster and durability of finish. Many colors are available.
    - Quick and easy roll extraction from the machine.
    - Transport cart to minimize back strain.
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