Wire Drawing Line for Wire Fence Manufacturers

Bergandi Machinery’s wire drawing line provides a unique modular design possessing the ability to increase future draw capabilities and production outputs. The horizontal axis blocks on this wire drawing machine utilize the best available technology for increased production rates and operator safety. We have both vertical and horizontal systems available for purchase. For more information on this product or to place an order, call Bergandi Machinery today at (951) 361-8000. We also offer a variety of other services to help improve profitability within your company.

  • Specifications

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    Wire Drawing Line for Wire Fence Manufacturers SPECIFICATIONS/FEATURES
    - Standard two-drawer line is capable of drawing 0.4375 start size, low / medium carbon steel and coiling 0.3750 diameter or finish drawing 0.3125 diameter at speeds to 1300 fpm
    - Dead blocks are capable of coiling up to 0.4060 diameter low / medium carbon and de-formed wire can be coiled as well.
    - State-of-the-art AC Flux Vector Drives, ABB drives are flexible on all incoming power voltages and hertz.
    - Made of stout steel construction and does not require any special footing during installation
    - Powder coating for long lasting luster and durability of finish. Many colors are available.
    - Safety features include lift-up guards for Jog cycle of spindles individual air regulators on the guarding for dancer tension control at each spindle.
    - Dead block features a motor brake for holding and E-Stopping of motor during the fun cycle, thus minimizing maintenance.
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    - Ability to add spindles because machines are bodular in design and features Ethernet plug in capabilities when adding spindles to the initial drawing machine package.
    - Easy operator string-up of machine especially between the last spindle and Deadblock. Pressure rolls hold the wire during string up or stopping of blocks, which provides traction of wire against block at all times.
    - Non-twist string-up from Intermediate blocks to Deadblock or spooling machinery.
    - Installation cost is reduced because of the modular design and plug in Ethernet thus drastically reduing incoming wiring.
    - Simple maintenance of each module, extended central lube points and easy removal of gear components during maintenance or replacement of parts.
    - Gear motor design makes sub-assembly of machine components simple, no belts, pulleys, noise or adjustments required. Gear units feature a Class 12 helical gear, which means higher efficiency, less noise and heat.
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