Quality Equipment for Wire Fence Manufacturers

Bergandi is a worldwide leader in state-of-the-art equipment for producing chain link fencing, concertina wire, barbed wire, extruded PVC coated wire, security wire mesh, and wire products for the construction industry. For over 90 years, Bergandi has been manufacturing machinery to create a wide variety of fencing for wire fence manufacturers. With our chain link fence machine, you’ll be able to craft exceptional fences for security, construction, mining, and agricultural uses.

Whether you’re in need of a barbed wire machine or other fencing equipment, Bergandi has a variety of machinery available to help your outfit construct quality fencing. Wire fence manufacturers come to us from all over the globe for our weaving equipment, eco panel building systems, concertina razor line, and such much more.

From a barbed wire machine to a tie wire machine, Bergandi has a bit of everything for sale. We also offer engineering, consulting, technical services, and training to help your company improve its profitability. If you need replacement parts for any of your equipment, you can order them directly from us through our parts order form. Contact us today at (951) 361-8000 to receive a free quote and for more information on the chain link fence machine equipment we offer.


WVR-500 Chain Link Weaver

Bergandi Machinery’s WVR-500 offers a unique, state-of-the-art design and technology, providing maximum production and minimum downtime. The digital operator control system allows…

Reverse Twist Barbed Wire

Bergandi Machinery’s Reverse Twist Barbed Wire provides a high tensile barbed wired product that can produce up to six barb pitch sizes with production speeds up to…..

NEW WVR-L7 Chain Link Weaving Machine

Bergandi Machinery’s WVR-L7 chain link weaving machine incorporates a redesigned mechanical platform with updated state-of-the-art electrical technology. The new machine offers…