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Wire Hook Tier Machine

Bergandi Machinery’s Tie Wire Machine is engineered for the fencing industry and is designed to create packaged wire ties for fence installations. These wire tying machines can produce four lengths of hooks made of steel, aluminum, or PVC. This machine comes equipped with a pre-determining counter for accurate batch count during every use. Able to produce a minimum of 215 wire ties, this device is perfect for any fence manufacturing outfit.


  • Capable of producing 215 wire ties / min
  • Produces ties of 16.5, 20.9 and 2105 cm (6-1/2, 8-1/4 and 8-1/2)
  • Produces ties from wire steel up to 3 mm (11 ga)
  • Capable of providing ties from aluminum wire up to 3.7 mm (9 ga)
  • Pre-determining counter for accurate batch count
  • 15 tube catch Idnex Table for product sorting
  • Open design minimizes costly downtime and with operator friendly control and adjustments maximize efficiency
  • Engineered with continuous operation in mind with automated batch counter system
  • Designed as a low capital investment and with simplicity in operation

Marcel Tension Wire Machine

Bergandi Machinery’s Marcel Wire Tensioning System will create a wire using offset hardened tool steel rolls utilizing a three-roll, two plane straightener/tensioner and three roll former. The line consists of a Payoff, Former, and Take-Up Coiler. This tie wire machine has a pre-determining counter for an accurate batch count during each use and utilizes a heavy-duty payoff system for maximum performance.


  • Capable of running 0-400 FPM (0-122 M/min)
  • Production sample at 8 ga. (4mm) 200 FPM = 14 lbs / min
  • A 3 Roll / 2 Plane Straightener /Tensioner
  • Heavy duty overhead Pay-Off System
  • Pre-determining counter for accurate batch count engaging into its run operation with doors open.
  • Wire diameter 9 – 7 ga. (3.5 – 4.5 mm)

Crimp Wire Machine

Bergandi Machinery’s Wire Crimping Machine is automated to crimp hard drawn steel, stainless, aluminum, and non-ferrous wires. This crimp wire machine is made of heavy welded steel with a two-plane roll straightener, pneumatic actuated cut-off and infinitely variable speed control. Perfect for wire fence manufacturers, this machine is suitable for any company looking to have expertly crimped wires for their productions.


  • Heavy welded steel frame
  • Two-plane roll straightener
  • Pneumatically actuated cut-off
  • Infinitely variable speed
  • Electronic length measurement in 1/10 increments
  • Crimps hard drawn stainless steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous wires

Spiral Belt Weaver

Bergandi Machinery’s spiral belt wire weaving machine is the most versatile high-speed machine available in the world market today. The machine produces both left and right-hand spirals at the same time, making it extremely convenient in the fencing industry. The variable speed is adjustable while in operation with an ultra-high speed up to 3,000 rpm. This machine is perfect for all wire fence manufacturers looking to produce a variety of spirals in minimal time.


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